Unmasking Cyber Adversaries 

Streamline your cyber threat investigations using Cyberscape, a versatile workspace designed for cyber analysts and security teams. 

What is Cyberscape?

Next-Generation Cyber Investigation and Threat Analysis 

Cyberscape empowers organizations to face cyber threats with confidence.

Our cloud-based platform allows analysts to visualize threats, collaborate across teams, document intelligence for key stakeholders, and optionally share reports with industry partners and government agencies.

One workspace, unlimited potential to outsmart adversaries and detect threat patterns.

Access and Integrate Diverse Data Sources 

Access a range of ever-growing open-source intelligence sources and integrate with data feeds from industry-leading threat intelligence providers. 

Visualize Threats and Connections 

Conduct robust investigations by visualizing and enriching data from numerous threat intelligence sources in a single interactive workspace. 

Collaborate in Real Time 

Monitor, discuss, and share analysis in real-time within your organization and across trusted industry groups, increasing operational efficiencies and knowledge transfer. 

Deliver and Preserve Investigative Results 

Easily create, review, and deliver intelligence directly from Cyberscape to key stakeholders. Reduce time spent on manual administrative tasks, efficiently meet reporting requirements, and save reports to inform future investigations. 

Use Cases


Attacks against infrastructure are dynamic and constant. Discover and research threats against your organization using pre-defined entity types including domains, devices, IP addresses, malware, and hash values. 


Protecting your organization’s reputation is paramount in today’s digital environment. Cyberscape enables analysts to uncover relevant information about your brand across social media channels, the dark web, and online forums. 


Human error on behalf of employees can make your organization vulnerable to attack. Using Cyberscape, analysts can identify at-risk personnel information such as account information, email addresses, usernames, and phone numbers found in data breaches.